The best in premium private property South Beach Residences is exquisitely built in the top half of the South Tower of one of the most impressive integrated developments at 30 Beach Rd, Singapore 189763. It has been meticulously designed by Foster + Partners in partnership with Aedas Pte Ltd, it artfully incorporates 190 marvelously planned and constructed apartments and penthouses, from levels 23 to 45.

At South Beach Residences we strive to ensure that you maintain a healthy and comfortable work-life-balance. Not only does South Beach Residences offer a luxurious setting for a luxurious lifestyle, its facilities, and retail outlets make South Beach Residences desirable, extraordinary place for one to work and play. It offers so much more than average activities when it comes to recreation. One of greatest aspects is the historical and cultural significance that comes with South Beach Residences. Residents are exposed to the nearby National Art Gallery, the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, the Asian Civilization Museum, the Padang and the Gardens by the Bay, thus proving itself to be worthy and unparalleled by any other location, as is the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. Whatever you prefer, culture or entertainment, at South Beach Residences, we have it ALL.

Retail Experience

Due to its convenient central location, South Beach Residences offers its residents, visitors and hotel guests the ease of its modern, upscale retail experience within the impressive integrated establishment. And if that’s not enough, residents can avail a wonderful shopping experience at Suntec City Mall and Marina Square.

At Marina Square, shoppers are also given the opportunity to enjoy movies at their hi-tech movie theater. The Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Raffles City Convention Centre/Shopping Centre are closely situated together thus allowing the residents of South Beach Residences the option of traveling easily to all these places. They are all mostly at a walking distance thus giving residents a chance to do some healthy walking should they choose.


There are few happiness’s’ parallel to a wonderful walk along the Singapore River while appreciating the surreal beauty of the Esplanade Park. A quick stop at the Asian Civilization Museum will give you just the right feels and allow for a delightful, calm evening trailed by dinner or coffee at the ACM at Empress Place. The residents of South Beach Residences will have the delight and the good fortune to witness the beautiful rise and construction of the National Art Gallery’s future museum building as it rises to its splendor. Expected to be open to the public on 2015, this momentous project is a fusion of the area’s rich past and its drive into the unknown bounds of the future.

Dining as an Experience

The South Beach Residences is an entire experience. South Beach Residences meticulously takes care of all of its resident’s needs. They are offered multiple dining options. Tan Quee Lan and Liang Seah streets are just around the corner, waiting to satisfy the most difficult and choosiest of palates. Be it Asian or International; everyone will leave satisfied with their hunger satiated.

Learning Institutions

The wonderful and central location of South Beach Residences enables residents to easily and conveniently access the Singapore Management University. It happens to be only a short distance away from MRT Station. Taking another stop will land South Beach Residences’’ residents at the School of the Arts, thus ensuring that South Beach Residences is an exceptional choice for residents who require easy access to these prestigious educational institutions.


Residents of the South Beach Residences will not have to put up with the rush hour and the crowded streets of the city life since Esplanade MRT station is sitting right next to this prime location of South Beach Residences. Its central, convenient location ensures that residents are given easy and fast access to important points of the city via the MRT Station. The Raffles Place in the Central Business District is only a very short distance, one stop to be precise, away from City Hall. MRT station is a short walking distance away for the dwellers of South Beach Residences. Residents that require access into the neighborhood will find it most convenient to get there. Wonderfully constructed roadways and countless ancillary roads easily, quickly lead all the way into South Beach Residences. Most importantly, arrival at the Chang airport is only 30 minutes away.


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